1. Why Rep Locations?

    Rep Locations S.L. it is a localization agency that acts as an intermediary between property owners and producers, photographers and event agencies looking for a natural space or decoration to do their job. Registering your property with us is easy and will bring you great advantages.

    The best professionals rely on our experience in finding the ideal location for audiovisual productions, photo shoots and events. We make sure everything works perfectly during production and constantly follow up so we can clarify any doubts that may arise.

  2. What do we do at Rep Locations?

    When a property is represented by Rep Locations we take care of:

    1. Get for your property the best price in each production. Prices vary depending on the type of work, but a quantity per day of production is usually negotiated. Rates for assembly and collection days (if needed as separate days) are usually half a normal day of production.
    2. Write the contractand, if necessary, yourbill.
    3. Coordinate with the producers the visits to yourproperty; you have to keep in mind that there may be several, although usually no more than three.
    4. Offer our customers all the necessary guarantees. We work only with publishers, producers, photography agencies, advertising agencies and prestigious events, a collaboration based on trust reinforced by years of joint work.
    5. Ensure that during the production days the conditions agreed in the contract are met.
    6. Manage payments and the hiring of insurance to protect the property. Before starting production, the owner will be presented with a copy of the contracted insurance and proof of payment.
  3. What do I have to do if my property is enrolled in Rep Locations?

    If you have registered a property with us, we ask you to:

    1. Please notify us of any changes that may affect the availability of the property; for example, put it up for sale or rent it to a third party.
    2. Communicate if changes are made inside or outside the property that affect its appearance, be it rehabilitation works, changes in decoration, etc. We would need to do a new photo report to keep our database up to date.
    3. Once you accept all the agreed conditions for production, you cannot withdraw or cancel the agreement, as this would cause great damage to the production company or agency.
    4. Having availability to show your property on more than one occasion, understanding that visits do not guarantee that your property will end up being chosen as the location for production.
  4. What are the rates?

    The rates are very varied, depending on the type of production and the type of property: the same fee is not perceived for a photo shoot as for a day of shooting or for the organization of an event. You could receive an amount between 600 and 6000 euros per working day.
    Normally productions do not last more than two days, but in film, television or events, that deadline could be extended — always with the prior agreement of the owner.

  5. What kind of locations do our customers look for?

    Any property serves in principle for a production. Our clients request us spaces of very different styles: offices, mansions, student flats, single-family homes, industrial buildings, restaurants, etc.
    A space with personality will stand out among the other locations.
    Minimum requirements:

    • A minimum space between 80 m2 and 100 m2 is required so that the production team can work comfortably.
    • In the shoots, a nearby parking area is required for trucks and the generator set.
    • In the case of shootings with direct sound, it is essential that the property is not in an area exposed to ambient noises: aircraft, heavy traffic, trains, etc.
  6. How to present your property to us?

    There is no cost to register your property in our database.
    If you include photos, we need the images to be in JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF format. The overall file size must not exceed 8 MB.

    • We need photos both outside and inside your property.
    • Photos should show an overview of the space. For best results, it is advisable to photograph the rooms from the corners. The quality of the photos is important as it helps promote your property.
    • If you do not have good photos of your property, our photographer will make a report at no cost.
  7. What do you need to know?

    Teams of people who work on your property during a production are made up of professionals accustomed to taking care of the workspace. Whatever the type of production, we guarantee that, once the work is complete, the necessary collection and cleaning work will be done to leave your property as itwas.

  8. Protecting your property: insurance

    From our extensive experience we can say that it is not usual for damage to occur in the course of a production or event. However, to protect our customers otherwise, we always take out insurance that covers the property against any damage arising from production.
    It is important that you notify us as soon as possible of any incident in order to solve it in the shortest possible time.


Here’s a brief explanation of what it means for your property to be selected, depending on the type of production.

Filming of advertising, film and television

The days usually last about 12hours, but sometimes overtime is needed, which would be paid separately based on a pre-agreed rate. Teams typically consist of 30 people, between technical team, actors and customer, but that figure varies considerably depending on the type and size of the production.
Audiovisual productions require the movement of cargo vehicles to transport the material and the generator set.

Photo shoot

The days last between 8 and 12hours, including preparation and assembly. In this type of production the equipment is smaller, being able to gather 8 to 15 people between technical equipment and models.
Heavy vehicles are not used in this type of production.


Very diverse spaces are required for all kinds of events and promotional events: presentations topress, companyparties, conventions,exclusive dinners, etc. are common.
Normally, it is necessary to decorate the space one day before the event. For this type of production, the area where your property is located plays a considerable role.